Although not averse to a drop of ale, here we are talking web design and of the sites created by GreenWeb many have been pubs and restaurants.

Businesses like these are under great pressure to compete effectively, those that don’t keep up simply fall from favour and end up with boarded up windows. Too often licensees of pubs realise that they need to become web savvy, but end up with templated websites that look tatty and unprofessional. Your website is your 24 hour 7 day a week window to the world and if it looks like it was created by a schoolkid, it will be more likely to harm your business than improve it.

Take The Farmers Arms at St Merryn for example, it had a website with a very large company that advertise on television. There were lots of designs to choose from, though it wasn’t too obvious that most of the better ones were not free until you had signed up for the monthly fee and clicked through the options. Then again, even the ‘premium’ designs were not likely to ‘launch a thousand ships’ either.

You could have a site that looks like every other and doesn’t promote your image, or one that is as individual as your own business, you pay your money and take your choice.

We took copies of menus, leaflets and photographs of both the outside and inside, the signage and the location, some of which we took ourselves but others depicting the pub in past years, from the proprietor’s collection.

From these we created a design for the website that would capture the spirit of the pub, if you would like to see the result it can be found at