Steve created our website around the servicing and repair of older Mercedes cars and the results have been outstanding. He took time to discuss our strong points and then used them to push up our ranking on Google and hardly a week passes without new customers finding us solely from our website. I could not recommend his services highly enough.

Michael Trundell

Managing Director, Aylesbury Autotech Limited

When your business is rubbish collection competition is fierce, Steve carried out research on our business and discovered that ‘rubbish’ was not really searched for on Google, so he suggested that we change tack and concentrate on where business was to be found. He bought the name ‘Bucks Skip Hire’ for us in various forms, created a new logo for the business and suggested I have work clothes printed up. We shot up to page one on Google and the phone has never stopped ringing since. In a word, his service has been fantastic.

Mark Ambler

Proprietor, Absolutely All Rubbish

We had an old website that wasn’t doing anything for the business, so Steve took over our internet advertising and named all of our sheds, so that they had local town names. It was a moment of brilliance and meant that if anyone searched for ‘shed’ and a ‘local town name’ we came top of the search engines. Business is stratospheric since he took over, in fact sometimes I wish it would just slow down a little.

Kevin How

Proprietor, Abbey Shed Company