Pixabay: Plugin image not appearing – Divi Theme

It seems that the image not appearing issue is confounding many people, however it is a simple enough matter to correct without having to dig down too deep for a solution.

First, create an image module as usual, click the “Upload an image” button    then on the left side of the screen select “Choose an Image” > “Pixabay Images”.



Next enter your search parameters in the search box and select your image from the results


It will become greyed out on hover.


click the image and in the next screen navigate down the page until you see the location url of the image but don’t click Insert just yet!



Highlight the url by left clicking the mouse and dragging across the entry until it is completely coloured, making sure you don’t omit any part of it, then copy (ctrl + c).


Now click insert and in the next screen you will see that the “Upload” button is greyed out.



Paste (ctrl + v) the copied url into the box and the Upload button will reappear, with a preview of the image below it.



You can now save and exit as usual.

I hope that helps!