“Thanks for stopping by, I hope to make your visit very worthwhile and look forward to helping you to take advantage of the new opportunities that are available to everyone in business today, harnessing the potential of the Information Super Highway!”

If you have a website, chances are that you have one composed by an amateur, one that falls apart when viewed on a smartphone, or even when viewed on some of the worlds most popular web browsers.

If you are not sure how well your website can be viewed by others, it is very likely that it is giving a poor impression of your business and that is where we can help you.

Tips for improving your website

  • If is ugly, full of spelling mistakes or full of out-of-date information, don’t leave it where anyone can see it, it will do more harm than good. If in doubt find the host server by using “Whois” and contact them to switch the site off, or display a “holding page” while you sort things out.
  • Can you contact the creator of your website, get them to edit the site and correct any errors, let them think that you are staying with them even though you do not intend to. You will be more likely to get help from them that way.
  • If you can tidy it up a bit and make it relevant, you may still not want to leave it where all the world can see it. Think “if this was my own work, would I want to show it off”, better still, decide whether it looks like it was created by a pro, or like it was knocked together in under an hour by a ten year old.
  • Get a pro working for you, it doesn’t have to be a case of “the more you spend, the better they are”. Surprisingly, many agencies that rewrite stock templates, will offer a better result than one that is “old school” and template averse. Great sites can be made from great sites, without “reinventing the wheel”.
  • Whatever you do, get the best site you can, it will be one of the best sales staff you are ever likely to employ. It will not sleep, will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never demand a day off. Furthermore, it will cost so little that it would easily fall below minimum wage, yet will never defect and work for your competitors, unless of course your site is so ugly that it benefits them more than you!