There’s so much more…

Having a website is just part of the story, without understanding how your customers will search for you and what they will expect to find, you will miss many of the neat opportunities afforded by new technology.

From the very first moment you step aboard, we will look at your business and decide on not just the website you need now, but what may be needed in the future. How will your customers look for you? It could be at work on the company computer terminal, at home on the family pc, on the way home on the train using a laptop, netbook or tablet, or anywhere through the day or evening on their smartphone.

Many websites, in fact the majority of them globally, do not work well on every device, using varying operating systems and different *web browsers. Look at this site, test it on your phone, your laptop, your Apple Mac or Iphone and although it may look slightly different, it still offers a rich user experience.

*Sometimes this is unavoidable, if someone is using software that went out of date a decade ago there is not much anyone can do to give them a perfect site to view. Since these are in a very small minority, they will not cost us much in lost opportunity.

Many of my clients websites will have first page positioning on Google, it is a constant battle for anyone to stay on the top of the pile.

Anyone who promises that your website will be at the ‘top of page one’ is best avoided, no agency can live up to such a promise, whatever they tell you.

Competition for top placement is simply too high, unless you have a completely unique product or service.