How Much Does a Website Cost?

Getting on to The Web and developing your business in new ways is neither very difficult nor need it be expensive.

You can pay agencies thousands of pounds, to have what is simply a templated site, created by yet another agency. The template that would have cost you just a few pounds to buy, if only you knew where and how to install it on your own webspace, all you needed was a CMS (content managed system), such as WordPress to do the hard work for you.

A ‘brochure’ website such as this one, which is a content managed WordPress site with a professionally produced template, will cost less than £10 a month to host and initial set-up costs should be no more than £400-600, obviously we are talking ‘ball-park’ figures here because it really depends upon the requirements of the site, though in reality most ‘brochure’ websites need not cost more.

E-Commerce sites or online booking sites for example, do require a great deal more work, so these can be considerably more expensive, but there are often low cost solutions even for these.

To buy your own domain name e.g. or will usually add another £15 or £20 per year, it is not expensive to buy a name, though it can sometimes be difficult to find one that nobody else has bought already.

For a fraction of the cost of most other forms of annual advertising campaigns you get access to a global market with a slick professional looking website that makes your business look good to the world, that will work for you every day and all night too. How much does a website cost? Compare that to the cost of a single employee and it is clear that websites are cheap, really cheap!